Login server imap.telstra.com with Username @bigpond.net.au failed

Sometimes the users can face a situation regarding issues with logging into the IMAP server impa.telstra.com with a username ending in @bigpond.net.au. To troubleshoot and resolve this kind of issues here we mention some helpful steps to be followed:

  1. The users have to check and confirm the username and password while logging in. Wrong username and password could lead issues in the login server. The users have to confirm that the username is in the format such as “yourusername@bigpond.net.au.
  2. Always make sure to verify the Bigpond (Telstra) email account is active. To confirm the users are required to log in through the webmail interface.
  3. The users have to check and confirm that their internet connection is working properly and stable. If the internet connection is poor and not working then it may results issues from connecting to the email server.
  4. The users have to check within the email client settings if they are correctly configured or not. Make sure that the incoming server (IMAP) is set to “imap.telstra.com” and the port is set to the standard IMAP port (usually 993).
  5.  The users have to set the email client to use SSL/TLS for the incoming server. If it is set up correctly then it will help to secure the connection. Typically 993 is the34 correct port for IMAp with SSL/TLS.
  6. Sometimes the antivirus software can block the connection to the email server. To resolve this kind of situation the users are required to temporarily disable the software and check if the issue is resolved. 
  7. Sometimes if the users are unable to recognize the password of their account then consider resetting email password through Telstra’s password recovery option. This option could be found on the official site of Telstra’s.

By these steps mentioned above the users can login server imap.telstra.com with username @bigpond.net.au. If none of the above mentioned steps works then the best way to deal with it is getting in touch with Bigpond Customer Care Number. The representatives of the Bigpond or Telstra will provide specific details based on issues with users account and help to troubleshoot the problems.

More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/contactus.html

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