+61 (1800) 921251 Bigpond Customer Support Melbourne

How can I reach Bigpond Customer number?

  1. Visit the official Website: The users have to go to the official Telstra website in the web browser.
  2. Navigate to support or contact us: Just below of the Telstra login page the users can find a “Support” or “Contact us” option.
  3. Find the Helpline number: In the “Support” or “Contact us” section the users can get the helpline number which is associated the service that the users need. The users also can get different number for other services such as mobile, broadband, home phone and other services.
  4. Check Bill or documentation: The users will find the helpline number in the recent Telstra bill or any documentation related to Telstra service.
  5. Telstra app: If the users have installed Telstra app on their mobile device then the contact number or support options can be found.

Services of Bigpond Service

The Bigpond customer can get many services from Bigpond numbers which are as follows:

  1. Technical support: If the users are facing any kind of issues regarding internet connectivity, email problems or any technical issues related to Bigpond services then the technical support will be available for guidance and instructions.
  2. Billing and account inquiries: The representatives of Bigpond will assists users to understand the billing issues and manage the account.
  3. New service activation: If the users want to know about information and support for activating new Bigpond services then getting help from Bigpond customer service will be suitable for the assistance and guidance.
  4. Services upgrades and changes: If the users want guidance over current service plan, adding or removing features as well changes in their account then connecting with technicians of Bigpond will guide you with complete instructions.
  5. Product information: One of the representatives of Bigpond will provide the complete product information based on users requirement.
  6. Email support: If the users are encountering problem related to configuration within email client, recovering password, or issues related to Bigpond email account then one of the representative of Bigpond will be on the line to assist and guide to resolve the problems.
  7. Mobile services: The Representatives of Bigpond will also guide the users to know more about the mobile service plans, devices and network related queries.
  8. Complaints: If the users have complaints about the service of Bigpond then through Bigpond Customer Support the users are able to get the guidance. They will find a solution to every issues help the users to resolve the issues.   

More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/blog/bigpond-customer-care-melbourne/

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