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Bigpond email is not just an ordinary email client software that we can find on the web. It is an email client with loads of potential and features added to it. Users can check the system for Bigpond by heading to the official site of Telstra where all information can be found and also the beginning process of email service. Bigpond email has the potential for running the email client for single users, and also it can be extended to use for running offices and more. Bigpond comes in with IMAP, POP, and SMTP server settings where users can access the email service from the connected mobile device and computer simultaneously, user will be able to download emails and store them in their directory. If users are also interested in using email service in such a way then connect with Technical Support Service, user will be provided with necessary details about Bigpond and the process for using the IMAP, POP server settings.

That was something that could be very helpful for the user, but it is not the end. It was only a small portion of service that can be taken from Bigpond email, there are even more features that are included in Bigpond email service. Let’s head into learning those features for Bigpond email, contacts are something that we all have stored on our cell phones. It is the best way to save the details for people who we require to connect. Bigpond comes in with a feature where the user will be able to save all of the contacts from their phone to their email account. The service is free to use and the process is also very simple. Once the contact will be added to your account, then accessing them would be possible from anywhere where there is an internet connection and a computer device. If users want support for making changes on the account, then kindly reach out to Support Service.

We just learned about how Bigpond helps us to make a better life with all its interesting feature included in the email client. Using the feature is always fun but what would be the situation where the user has to face an issue with Bigpond email. If some change has been made with the account, then issues do occur. One of the most faced issues by Bigpond email users is not being able to transfer emails or receive them. If users find themselves in such a situation then the first thing to do is check the internet connection, then in the next step user will have to check the browser compatibility for the email client. Then head to check for the account space in the user’s account. After checking on the given points user will be able to send/receive emails. If users have any questions about the email service, then kindly reach out to BigPond Customer Support Australia.


  1. ian kieth cox

    Best Customer Service was facing problem in receiving email login. Thanks to the team helped me beyond my expectation.


    Bigpond emails not being Sent. Am receiving Emails ok.
    Have cleared the Outbox but problem persists.
    your advice greatly appreciated.

  3. John Mohr-Bell

    For three days have been locked out of my Bigpond emails as my password is not being accepted. To re set this I keep getting told to check my emails to update, but can’t do this as emails are blocked. I need to be able to reset my password by receiving an SMS on my mobile phone +61 (0)427 657141. Have tried to do this incessantly through Telstra but again my password is not being accepted.


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