How to Find Bigpond Email Password in Outlook

When you have integrated your Bigpond email into the Outlook email, you may not be aware of how to operate the email through Outlook. Bigpond and Outlook are both separate organizations. Bigpond is an Australia-based company that deals in internet services, telecommunication, fiber networks, and so many others. Outlook is a popular email client that helps integrate, control, and manage emails for any domain or company. The standard email address of the Bigpond email is, and the Outlook email address will be One thing user need to understand is that both of these emails are not associated with each other. But both have a common work, and that is giving email services. But as we have said, users can integrate any email into Outlook email clients. Sometimes, users don’t know where to find the Bigpond email password in Outlook email. Users can try these actions to recover the Bigpond email password.

  • Please type the authorized web page of the Telstra and Bigpond website.
  • Now, please search the login option and go to the password reset or recovery button. After that, please hit “Trouble signing in” or “Forget password”.
  • Now provide the accurate email ID after pressing “Trouble signing in” or “Forget password” to recover the password.
  • Verify the identity: Now, Bigpond or Telstra will validate the information you have submitted, and they will verify the identity. You may need to give the answer to the security question or need to submit the authentication code you have received on your recovery email ID or phone number.
  • After you have authenticated your ID, The Bigpond will verify that you are the actual user, and then you can reset the password. Please make a new password and save it.
  • Also, change and update the Outlook setting after making a new password.

You can update the outlook settings by applying the explained actions:

  • Open Outlook Mail and tap on the “File” button.
  • After that, hit the “Account settings” option.
  • Pick your Bigpond email and tap on “Change” under the “Account settings” tab.
  • Submit a new password on the password box.
  • Now press “Next” and after that, “Finish” to save the modification you have made.
  • Now, check and verify your email and see if it is working correctly. Send a demo mail or organize the mailbox to validate whether the newly updated password is relevant or not.

We believe this will help you to find the Bigpond email password in Outlook. But often, the version of Outlook or Bigpond email or browser can be the problem. The old and exhausted browser or Outlook may not support your email activities—moreover, the best way to get the correct guidance from the Bigpond Customer Support team.

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