Bigpond Email is not syncing with Outlook

If we look back in time, the way people communicate with each other was due to the means of a letter or sending emails. Moreover,most of the people used to send handwritten letters to communicate with people who are far.Now things have changed, technology has made a change to the system which was used before, now with the help of technology we are able to use computers which has the capability to perform various task in a much convenient manner. One of the service which can be used is the web services, and from the web, email emerged. The process is the same as earlier sending message, and now we people can send it digitally clicking just a button. And the message/mail will be delivered instantly where ever the receiver may be. Until now, there are many email services, and one of the best email service provider is Bigpond mail.It has the latest functionality, the security is best, and the best part user will not have any difficulty using the email software. The service is free to use, the user will have to head to the official website for Bigpond, and after creating the account,the user is good to go to start using Bigpond mail.We offer our valued customer with Customer Support, all necessary information about the mail service can be collected from the Support.

The email service has been the best mode for exchanging messages, that is the older feature, and still, the same procedure is followed. There are not many updatesthat can be done in sending emails. The experts worked in making the experience for user beneficial, so the change they made was to connect the Outlook email account and Bigpond mail. Learn every necessary detail about the feature connecting with the Technical Support.Once the account is connected, the user will be able to operate both accounts from a common software. On these busy days, it sure helps to access the mail faster.The service was working fine until users start facing issues where the syncing was not working with Outlook.There isthe various situation where users can get stuck with errors, to solve instantly kindly report your issue to the Support Service Number.

For users who are looking to fix on their own can follow the steps given below.

  • User will have to update their Outlook mail;the older version will not be supported for using such functionality.
  • If users have made changes in the settings for the connection, in such a case, the sync will work according to the change made.
  • Users can reset with their Telstra IMAP/SMTP settings.
  • Check on the antivirus and firewall, and these security features will block away from the mails.

If users still can’t fix the issues, then contact the Bigpond Technical Support Service, where step by steps process will be explained.

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  1. Digby Maguire

    I’ve been a customer of for over twenty years now. and all of a sudden i now have major problems. Ny computer desktop runs with windows 11 / 64 bit my outlook is 16 emails.
    all of a sudden my outlook stopped running. I received a email from outlook saying did i wasn’t to keep my email address with them my answer was yes . Now my outlook service through Bigpond. Con how’s now stopped completely running for no reason i cannot receive emails nor send them.
    So not being able to use my outlook to communicate with i have a major problem. I’ve been in contact with Telstra & Bigpond. re this problem /Thay say my log in details are not correct my log in name and password . the only way i can converse with Telstra is my mobile phone and that not good enough because of security reasons can anybody please suggest a solution to this Delmor. with telstra eMail department Australia


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