Email Bouncing back with Gmail Error Message

Sometimes there could be an issue within the recipients’ email account, server settings or other factors if the emails sent to a are bouncing back with a Gmail error message. To trouble shoot and resolve the issue here we mention some helpful steps to be followed:

  1. The users have to review the Gmail error message that they received when the email is bounced back. Read the message carefully because this message contains accurate information about the reason for the delivery failure.
  2.  The users must make sure and confirm that they are using the correct recipients email address. A single mistake can lead to delivery failures.
  3. Always remember if the recipient’s inbox is full or reach its storage limits then the new emails won’t be delivered. The recipients have to cleasr out unwanted message to receive new email and check the storage has some space to receive new emails.
  4. Make sure that the recipients bigpond(Telstra) email account is in good standing and active. To check the account status the recipients have to log in through the webmail interface.
  5. The sender domain has to be set the SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domainkeys Identified Mail) and DMARC (Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) records correctly.
  6. The users are required to look on codes that are available on Gmail help center or Google Workspace status Dashboard if the Gmail error message includes specific error codes. On the Gmail help center the users can get accurate information based on the issues that the users are facing.
  7. Sometimes if the email is incorrectly flagged as spam the recipients have to check their spam or junk folder.

By these following steps the users are able to resolve the issues bouncing back with a Gmail error message. If the users are unable to resolve the issues and cannot identify the problem then I suggest getting in touch with Bigpond customer care or Bigpond tech service. They will provide sufficient details more in depth and assist based upon the issues that the users are facing.

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