How to import Bigpond Contacts to Outlook on Computer

To import bigpond contacts to outlook the users requires exporting their contact from Bigpond email service and then importing the contacts into Outlook.  Here are some steps mention below that will clarify the users to import Bigpond contacts to Outlook on computer:

Exporting Contacts from Bigpond:

  1. Firstly the users have to open the web browser on their computer and login their Bigpond email account.
  2. After logging in their Bigpond account, the users are required to look in the menu or toolbar for the contacts or address book section.
  3. Then the users have to choose the contacts that they want to export. An option to select all the contacts or individual contacts will be preferred.
  4. Lastly the users have to select an option like “Export” or “Download” in the contacts section to download the file in their computer. The users have the option to select the format for the export file such as CSV or vCard. 

Importing Contacts into Outlook:

  1. Firstly the users have to launch their Outlook application on their computer.
  2. Then the users have to navigate for “Import” or “Import/Export” option in the contacts Section. Depending upon the version of Outlook the location of this option might be in the menu or somewhere else.
  3. The users have to select the option to import contacts from a file. The users have to choose the file type which is exported from Bigpond. (e.g., CSV or vCard)
  4. The users need to browse the location where the exported file from Bigpond was saved. Then select the exported file.
  5. If required then the users can map the field from their Bigpond export to the corresponding field in Outlook. This procedure makes sure that the information is imported properly.
  6. Lastly the users are required to follow the instruction given on the screen to complete the import process. Check in the outlook contacts to make sure that every Bigpond contacts have been successfully imported after the import process is complete.

The steps mentioned above will help the users to Export contacts from Bigpond and importing them into Outlook. If further information is needed for importing and exporting contacts then the best way to deal with it to get in touch with Bigpond Customer service. One of Bigpond customer care representatives will guide and share information based on the issues.

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