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Bigpond is an internet service provider that is a subsidiary service of Telstra Group Limited. Being a reputed telecommunication firm in Australia, Telstra Group has developed and managed the telecommunication business and associated goods and services. BigPond is a brand name that has been merged with the Telstra group. It delivers internet services and products using different delivery techniques, including wireless internet, cable internet, satellite, and dial-up services.

Undoubtedly, Bigpond is the biggest cable internet service provider in Australia, and it has spread its footprint over many Australian cities, including Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, etc. Bigpond also has a stronghold in delivering consistent top-class Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) and its advanced version. More than 90% of the population of Australia is using Bigpond mobile broadband services powered by Telstra’s Next G network. As per reports, Telstra became the Top-ranking Internet service provider company in 2009. Telstra has started merging and distributing the operation of Bigpond since 2013. Moreover, Telstra has shut down Bigpond’s services and acquired its whole operation.

Numerous people don’t know their choices after Telstra discontinued the Bigpond operations. If you have an email accompanying Bigpond, you don’t have to worry about its access. Telstra has already made a solution for this since it has merged the Bigpond email services, so there is nothing to be concerned about. In the next section, we will focus on solving the Bigpond Email Not working issue


How to Solve Bigpond Email Not Working Issue

The Bigpond user may go through plenty of issues related to accessing email services. In the following section, you can take the steps to solve the Bigpond email issue:-

  • Check the internet connection carefully: It is essential to verify that your internet connectivity is strong and effective. If the internet connection has been stopped or slow, it can disturb accessing the Bigpond email.
  • Make sure to enter the correct email and password: Sometimes, users may mistype the username and password, which leads them to no access to email. Please enter the correct email address and password Bigpond email.
  • You Can Reset the Password: If you forget the password, you can easily reset it using Telstra password recovery instructions.
  • Use Webmail access: You can also access the Bigpond email. Users can also understand whether the problem is specific or generic.
  • Remove Browser Cookies and Caches: Often, because of stored caches and cookies, Bigpond email faces issues, or it doesn’t work. You must clear the cache and cookies before logging in to the email. After removing the cache and cookies, one can get a solution for the Bigpond Email login issues.
  • Disturbance with Antivirus Software: sometimes, antivirus software can disturb email operation. Always try to install an authentic version of the antivirus software, and it may solve the Bigpond email issue.
  • Firewall and Security Program: install a genuine version of the security software to enable email access. Often, firewalls and security programs can obstruct access to Bigpond email.


The user should keep in mind that the steps we have given here can differ according to the particular issues they are facing. If the instructions mentioned above are not working, contact our Bigpond Customer Service Number. Our customer support staff will always be there to provide you with optimum solutions for your email issues.

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