Bigpond Email – some emails are not coming or missing

Sometimes the users might experience problems regarding with missing or not receiving emails in their Bigpond account. There are some few potential reasons for missing or not receiving emails in the bigpond account. To trouble shoot and resolve this issue here we mention some steps to be followed:

  1. The users must confirm that the missing emails are not being filtered into the spam or junk folder. The users have to remember that sometimes the legitimate emails can be marked as spam.
  2. The users are required to check their email filters and make sure that they are not deleting or diverting emails unintentionally. To avoid such kind of issues the users have to adjust or disable the filters.
  3. If the storage capacity of mailbox has reached it limits then the users will not receive or deliver emails. To sort this kind of issue the users are required to delete unwanted message and free some space to receive new emails.
  4. The users have to configure correctly if they have set up email forwarding. The emails will be sent to wrong address if the forwarding settings are set up incorrectly.
  5. The users have to make sure that the senders of the missing email are using the proper email address to reach out. If there are any errors or mistakes in the sender’s address it will results emails not being delivered.
  6. If the users are missing emails from specific senders, the users have to contact to the sender and ask them to check if they received any bounced back message or error notification after trying to send emails.
  7. The users are required to configure their account settings correctly if they are accessing their Bigpond email through an email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.
  8. The users have to temporarily disable the security software and check if the missing emails are being delivered because sometime security software might be blocking or filtering certain emails.
  9. The users have to make sure that they haven’t set up forwarding rules in their email account. If the forwarding rules have been set up in the Bigpond email accounts then it will results forwarding emails to other address.

By these following steps the users are able to receive emails that are missing or not coming. Incase if the issues still persists then I recommended getting in touch with Bigpond Customer Care for more accurate information and assistance. 

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