Telstra NBN Canceled Can’t Access Bigpond Email

Sometimes the users can face an issue regarding Telstra NBN service canceled and unable to access to their Bigpond email. To troubleshoot and resolve the issue here we mention some of the important steps to be followed:

  1. The users have to verify the status of their Telstra and Bigpond accounts. The users have to make sure that the NBN service has been properly canceled and no noticeable issues with their Bigpond email account.
  2. Sometimes there I chance of impact on the user email access if the users NBN service has been canceled. The users have to check and confirm that their email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) is configured with the proper settings for Bigpond. Remember to update the incoming as well outgoing server details.
  3. If the users can face issue while accessing the Bigpond email then they have to try to reset the password. In order to reset the password the users are required to visit the Telstra website or get support from Bigpond customer care.
  4. The users can try to access their Bigpond email via webmail. To access through webmail the users are required to visit the Telstra webmail login page and enter the credentials of their account. If the users are able to access their email through web interface then there might be issue with their email client settings.
  5. Sometimes if there are issues with billing or overdue payments the users have to face problems with service disruptions so the users have to make sure that their Telstra and Bigpond accounts are in good standing.
  6. The users are required to update their contact information with Telstra. The contact information will include users email address and phone number. This process will help the Telstra to communicate with the users account related matters.

By these following steps the users are able to access their Bigpond account after NBN has been canceled. If the issues still persists then the users have to get in touch with Bigpond Customer Service for assistance. In getting touch with Bigpond tech service the users are able to explain the situation and ask help to access the Bigpond email after the cancellation of NBN service. They may also guide the users through troubleshooting steps based on the individual circumstances.

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