Why is my BigPond notification not accepting my Password?

We all know that email service has been used from a very old time which is used as a medium for communication with other users. The mode of communication is very simple and genuine. Any user can get started with an email service right away and when there is an email service like Bigpond there will be no difficulty in using the email service. The user interface is built in such a way that users will have to call for assistance for using the features and system of Bigpond.Let us clear the confusion for users as they may consider Telstra and Bigpond to be different services but are the same. In the older version, it was called the Bigpond mail as now presently it is called Telstra mail. It is a telecommunication company that also provides users with other services. If users are interested to learn about Telstra services then kindly reach out to the Technical Support Service.

When we get a deeper look at Bigpond we do know it is well known for sending and receiving emails securely. But nowadays the Bigpond email services have added other features too in the email client app. Now users will be able to add their other email service account into Bigpond and use both email account from common points. It does save space and time for users. The service also allows users to attach images and videos up to a certain size into the mail. I checked there were no such features in the earlier version. If users are interested in finding out what other features are added to Bigpond mail then reach out to Customer Support to find out more.

Now let’s head to the section where Bigpond mail getting into issues. These issues are experienced due to users making some changes to their email account. There is very little chance of Bigpond having such issues. One of the most faced issues is with the Bigpond mail not accepting the password. Due to this reason, users are not able to login into their email account. We would like to suggest users follow the given instruction to solve the password issue.

Reasons for Bigpond notification not accepting my password

  • If users have entered the wrong email configuration then the process for logging in will not be allowed. Re-check on the entered credential and try back again.
  • If the internet is not working correctly, have some lag issues then fix the connection and try backlogging in.
  • Installation of antivirus or firewall could block the feature for logging in into the system. Disable the feature and try back entering the password.
  • In many cases, users do enter the wrong password repeatedly due to which the login process is not successful. Check the entered password and log in to your account.

If the problem still remains, we suggest users report the situation to the Bigpond Support Service Number.

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