Why is my Telstra email suspended?

The main reason for Bigpond to start the email service was to provide users with the best and reliable email service. The company has been serving users with the best telecommunication services. The company is the situation in Australia which has users and followers all around the world. The email service is very easy to use with genuine features embedded in it. Users will not have to worry about the security of Telstra mail. All of the information stored in the user’s account will be 100% secure. Telstra knows well how important it is to protect user’s privacy. Users who are new to email services can learn all about the email features. There is a free service offered by Telstra Support Center, users can get all the answers about Telstra email.

Now with the new update to Telstra mail, a new feature has been added where users will be able to access their IMAP service from which using the email service on different devices will be possible.As there are many useful features offered by Telstra mail, there are also issues that might interrupt users from sending emails. Talking about a recent incident where a user came to know that their email account has been suspended. Firstly, we would like to inform users that if the email account has not been used for more than 180 days then the system will automatically suspend the account. There could also be a case where users are left with payments. If the payment is not cleared users will not have any access to their account.To get your account starting contact Customer Care and learn how to clear your dues.

The next reason here could be the account getting hacked or compromised. Telstra mail will detect any unusual activity on your account such as hackers trying to spam from users’ accounts or so. In such a case users can reset their account and get themselves a new password for their account. Follow the steps given below to reset the Bigpond mail password.

  • Open any of the browsers and load Telstra mail’s official website.
  • Next head to the login section where users enter their email and password
  • In the sign-in form, click the link, Forgot password?
  • Then the user will have to enter their email address on the given empty field.
  • Next, select a medium where the confirmation code will be sent. Either your secondary email or phone number.
  • Once received enter the code and wait for the reset password link to be opened.
  • Enter the new password two times as suggested on the screen.
  • Save changes and we are done here.

With the given information users would have got the answer for why the Bigpond mail was suspended. If there are any other additional questions for Bigpond mail kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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