Why is my BigPond Mailbox Not Receiving Emails?

We all have heard about the Telstra mail which was earlier known as the Bigpond mail is a very genuine email service provider, if users are looking for an email site that is secure and handy then choose no other than Telstra mail. The email service is used by people all around the world. All users have thoroughly enjoyed the service offered by the email client. The functions are very accurate where users can experience seamlessness working features with the latest features embedded in it. With the latest update for Bigpond mail, now users will be able to make changes to their account by personalizing various sections. Now even after the email application has been build to provide the best features for users there could be instances where the email service can get caught up with some issues.These issues are temporary and users can fix them by makinga small change to their account. If users want to learn more about Bigpond contact Customer Support.

To discuss more on what sort of issues are occurred while using Bigpond mail services then there was a case where users were not able to receive any emails in their Inbox. The problem was seen in many of the user’s accounts. Users have confirmed to send an email to their account but the email was not received. In such a case, users can connect with Support Service for assistance or can follow the steps given below to figure out and solve the not receiving email issues.

Check on the Internet Connection

If the internet connection is not working correctly or has limited connection issues then the Bigpond email service will not function correctly.

How to solve

Contact the internet service provider mentioning the situation about the connection for users internet. Once the internet is fixed, users will start receiving emails.

If Bigpond service is undergoing some maintenance

Every mail service provider has a routine for maintenance. In those periods the services will not work. Users will have to wait for some time until the process is completed.

How to solve

Well, there is no such solution for the reason as the repairing must be completed to use back the email services again. Users will have to wait for some hours to get the process completed.

If the system is running low in storage

In every email account, there is a limitation of storing their data. Once the limit is crossed the system will no longer be able to store further sent mail. There will be a certain storage space allocated to every user.

How to solve

The solution here is to go to the inbox section and select all of the unnecessary emails and get rid of them. Deleted all of the unwanted emails. Once users free up space on their account, users will start receiving emails.

If there are any other questions regarding Bigpond mail contact to Bigpond Customer Support Number.

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