What to do if Bigpond Emails go Missing?

There could be various reasons if the Bigpond emails are missing. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and recover the Bigpond emails:

  1. Check the spam and junk folder: If the filter or rules are set in the Bigpond email then the emails

Will be shift in the spam or Junk folder. The users have to check with the spam or junk folder if the emails are missing.

  • Search for the Email: Sometimes if the emails are missing then the user has to use the search features in their email client. The users can find the email by using specific Keywords or sender names associated with the missing emails. Sometimes the emails can be in the mailbox but not visible.
  • Verify email filters and rules: Sometimes if the email filters or rules are set up then it will result automatically moving or deleting emails. The user can adjust in the setting to avoid such situation.
  • Empty trash or delete Items folder: If the emails are deleted then it will automatically move to Trash or deleted items folder before being permanently deleted. The users can check the missing emails in the trash or deleted folder, if the folder is not cleared out.
  • Check email settings: The users have to make sure that the email account configuration is correctly configured. Sometimes if the settings and configuration are changed then it will affect the way emails are delivered or displayed.
  • Access webmail: The users can try accessing their email via the webmail interface which is provided by their email service provider if they are using an email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. This process can help the user to know if the issue is within the email client or not.
  • Check for server issues: Sometimes the email services provider can encounter issues which affect the delivery and retrieval of emails. In order to avoid this kind of situation it’s better to check the service status or get connected to Bigpond customer care to inquire about the problems.
  • Update and reinstall email client: In order to avoid the situation of missing email in Bigpond the users have to up to date the email client that they are using. The users have to reinstall the email client to make sure that any potential software glitches are resolved.

The steps mentioned above will help the users to know about the missing email in Bigpond. Sometimes there might be slightly changes due to update. If the above steps won’t help to fix the issues then get in touch with Bigpond Customer Care Number will be the best option for guidance and assistance.

More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/blog/bigpond-customer-support-australia/

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