What is a Telstra ID and how to find?

Telstra, one of the reputed telecommunication company in Australia. Telstra provides facilities such as broadband internet, date, network services, digital television, and mobile and fixed line telecommunications. The Telstra company provides the services for residential as well to business customers with different plans. The users can choose their plans according to needs. To know more about plans the users have to retail stores of Telstra or get connected with Customer support of Telstra. To get the facility of Telstra the users have to create Telstra id. The Telstra is an online account where the users have to manage the Telstra services through various online tools and features. To create a new Telstra id they have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Telstra website: First of all the users have to open the web browser and search for Telstra official website. (https://www.telstra.com.au/)
  2. Click on “Log in” or “My account”: After opening the official website of Telstra the users have to look for “Log in” or “My account” option. It is found in the top right corner of Telstra login page.
  3. Choose “Forget your user name” or “Find your Telstra Id”: In the “Log in” or “My account” section there users can see recover your Telstra id where the users have to click on that option.
  4. Follow the prompts: If the user have forgotten their password and need to create new password, the system of Telstar may ask you for email address or mobile number associated with users Telstra account. The users have to be prepared with their identity, in most cases the system would ask for identity for verification.
  5. Receive confirmation: After the verification process is completed, then the system will send you information about the Telstra id. The users have to follow the instructions according to the guidelines of Telstra.

There may be slightly changes according to the updates of Telstra. If there are any problems or encounter any issues regarding Telstra id, the best way is to get connected to our Telstra customer care where the users can get support for assistance. Our customer care will be available to help and share guidelines according to the needs of the customers. From different plans to services our customer care are there to inform and help you.

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