Bigpond Mail Not Working After Updating Windows Mail App

Due to various reasons the users might face issues with Bigpond mail after updating the window mail app, there are some useful tips to troubleshoot and resolve the issues:

  1. Check Server Settings:
  2. Firstly the users have to open the Window Mail app.
  3. Then go to the “Settings” gear icon located in the bottom left corner.
  4. In the “Settings” gear icon the users have to select “Manage accounts”.
  5. The users have to choose their Bigpond email account.
  6. The users must make sure that the incoming and outgoing server settings are accurate. For the correct incoming and outgoing server settings the users have to check the official site of Telstra or Bigpond.
  7. Update Windows Mail app: The users have to be sure that the Windows mail app is up to date. The users have to check in the Microsoft store for available updates.
  8. Reconfigure email account: To reconfigure email account the best way is to delete the existing the Bigpond account in the mail and again set it up. Sometimes to resolve the issues the users have to reconfigure their email account.
  9. Check Account Password: The users have to make sure about the Bigpond email account is correct. The users have to update in the mail app settings if the password has been recently changed.
  10. Firewall or Antivirus Software: Sometimes the Mail app may be blocked from connecting to the email server due to firewall or antivirus software. The users have to check with the security software settings to make sure that it allows the mail app to access the internet.
  11. Check for service outages: Sometimes there might be service outages or issues with Bigpond email. To encounter this issue the users have to get connected with Bigpond customer care or Telstra support for the assistance.
  12. Alternative email client: Sometimes the issue won’t resolve, in that case the user can try using alternative email client such as Mozilla, Thunderbird, Microsoft outlook, etc. Trying alternative email client will help to know if the issue is specific to the window mail app.

The users have to make sure that the server settings and account information is accurate. If the users are not sure to sort out the issues then seek help from the Bigpond Customer Care. They will provide complete instructions and guide based upon the issues that users are facing.

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