Unable to Recover Bigpond Mail Folders

The significance of an email folder is crucial when you cannot specify where it has come from. As a user, you may receive various emails from multiple people or sources. Most emails are spam or a form of junk message. Usually, users remove or delete such emails. Many users store them in a separate folder because they might read them after some time. So, in that case, user can save their emails in different folders based on sources or email-sending persons. Let’s take an example: suppose you get a frequent email from a renowned newspaper you have subscribed to, then you can create a separate folder for such emails. It’s the same thing you can do for social media emails, finance and banking-related emails, etc. It is an efficient method of organizing your email systematically. It protects your time and energy while searching specific emails. Sometimes, users are unable to recover Bigpond email folders; well, in that case, you have come to the right platform. We will discuss how to recover deleted or lost Bigpond email folders in this piece of information.

When you delete the Bigpond email folder By chance

Creating email folders while accessing the Bigpond email is a great way to save your email in an organized way. But sometimes, users may delete email folders unintentionally. You may face such blunders because of children and pets at your house. Sometimes, kids make mischief and accidentally press the deletion button on the essential documents and email folders. So, what will you do in such situations? You may be worried about recovering the deleted email folders.

The question might be trickling your brain: is there any solution to recover the deleted email folder? Often, you may not require the folder, and you delete it to clear the inbox, but after some time, you come to know that a particular folder contains important emails and details. Therefore, how do we retrieve such deleted and lost emails? Is it possible to retrieve all such emails and their folders? We will provide you with sure-shot tips on recovering the deleted Bigpond email in the below-explained segment.  

Essential Steps to Retrieve Deleted Bigpond Email Folders

It is disappointing that once a folder has been erased or deleted, it cannot be recovered. There isn’t a plan of action to get the folder back. Thankfully, though, it is possible to retrieve the erased emails. You can restore the email within that specific folder even though it is not possible to restore the email folder. Once the emails have been recovered, you can create a new folder and move all of the emails into it. The following are simple procedures to retrieve erased Bigpond emails: –

  • Firstly, you must login to Bigpond email ID with the help of correct credentials
  • Now go to the “Trash” or “Deleted Items” folder
  • In this folder, user can easily find all the deleted email
  • Please restore deleted email under the 7 days lest email service provider will delete those emails permanently
  • Now check the box “restore email” and recover it
  • Make new folder and shift all restored emails into it.

With the help of these easy steps, you can retrieve your deleted Bigpond email folder.

Note: These procedures are fully universal and work with any email service provider. They vary, though, based on the email service provider (Yahoo or Gmail, for example). A folder may go by a different name; for instance, Gmail has Labels that are folders. All email users operate and work in essentially the same ways. For more fruitful alternatives, call the Bigpond Customer Support if you don’t think these ones work. 

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