How to Access Old Deactivated Bigpond Account

If the Bigpond account is deactivated year ago then it would be challenging to recover it. Depending upon the policies and procedures there are few chances to recover the deactivated Bigpond account. Here, we mention some useful tips for the users to recover the Bigpond account which was deactivated years ago:

  1. Firstly the users have to keep in their mind that whatever issues comes regarding Bigpond then contacting Bigpond customer care will be the best opinion. They will provide accurate details and assists regarding every issue in Bigpond. To get in touch with Bigpond support the users are required to visit the official website or contact the Bigpond customer support via email or phone number.
  2. After getting in touch with Bigpond customer support the users have to explain the situation and provide necessary details such as the username, creation date, or any information which is associated with the account.
  3. The Bigpond representatives may ask for the user’s identity. So the users are required to provide the identity proof such as personal information which includes full name, date of birth, address, and any other details associated with the account. Sometimes the users have to check and provide any past billing statements or account information.
  4. After the identity verification the representatives will guide the users to recover the Bigpond account. The users must make sure to share alternate email address, phone number or security question that is provided when settings up the account. If the users have access to any of them then it would be much easier to recover the account.
  5. The users have to check with the policies for reactivating dormant account or explore self service options on the Bigpond official website for account recovery. The users have to check for the tool or features designed to recover the accounts independently within Bigpond official website.
  6. If the cases are extreme then the users have to be prepared to provide the legal documents to prove their identity. A government issued ID or any documentation that is tied with the account could be included while proving the identification. The representatives of Bigpond will support for guidance on what necessary documents are required.

Sometimes the account recovery may take time so the users have to be patients and follow up with Bigpond customer care to check the status. The steps mentioned above will to recover the deactivate account but incase if there are some confusion then I recommend to get in touch with Bigpond customer support for more detailed information and assistance.

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