Bigpond Email Not Working Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android

Bigpond email is a byproduct of Telstra which has gained a significant position in the market. It is a highly reputed email and telecommunication company in Australia. But being an advanced email service provider doesn’t indicate that it will not get issues. Many users go through various topics while surfing Bigpond email in Outlook, iOS, and Android devices.

We will provide the solutions for Telstra Bigpond Email Not Working on Outlook, Android, and iOS one by one here: –

Bigpond Email is Not Working on Outlook Interface

When your email is failing to work in the Outlook platform, then you must pay attention to the possible causes of this problem, such as: –

  • Disturbance from firewall configuration, third-party app, and secure application
  • Outlook application might be offline.
  • You have configured the wrong email server settings.
  • There is a weak internet connection.

Steps to Solve Bigpond Email Not Working on Outlook

Users can solve the Bigpond Email is Not Working on Outlook problem by implementing easy solutions mentioned in the following segment: –

  • Turn off the Outlook offline mode program: Go to the Outlook working setting and see if it is an offline mode or not. If it is in offline mode, then turn it on.
  • Operate Outlook application in safe window mode: you need to identify if the existing firewall setting or antivirus application is not obstructing the correct operation of the email. When you use Outlook in safe mode, ensure it will not conflict with the email service.
  • Inspect the internet connection: Please detect the internet connection and ensure it works fine. If internet connectivity is low or weak, you may be unable to use the email properly.
  • Delete unwanted space: Your device might have unnecessary apps and programs that might consume the storage. So uninstall undesirable apps from the device and see whether the email is not working.
  • Correct your email settings: Please ensure you have configured email settings according to Outlook.

Bigpond Email is Not Working On IOS 

  • Internet Connection Issue
  • Storage Space Issue
  • Trouble from Third-Party Apps
  • Wrongly Set Bigpond Email Account on iOS

Steps to resolve Email is Not Working On IOS.

  • If the internet connection is the real problem, you must check it properly. Contact your internet service provider and tell them to sort out the internet connectivity issue.
  • Remove all unwanted apps and programs that make the iOS platform slow. Deleting all unnecessary apps can solve your email not working in the IOS issue.
  • Check antivirus, firewall settings, and other third-party apps creating obstacles in operating Bigpond email. After uninstalling such apps, confirm whether you can use the email.

Bigpond Email Not Working On Android 

  • Low internet speed: Weak and low internet speed can obstruct your Bigpond email access. Please rectify the internet connection speed and ensure it has solved your issues.
  • Unnecessary App Capturing Storage of The Entire Device: Many third-party software and tools can consume your space on the Android device. You should remove all of them and see the changes.
  • Out-of-Date Email Configuration: if the email configuration is outdated, you may be unable to access the Bigpond email. Please update your Android software.
  • Technical fault: Sometimes, technical faults are why Bigpond email is not working. You can call Bigpond customer service number Australia and get things solved immediately.


Implement all the tips we have explained to fix the Bigpond email not working issue. However, if these tips doesn’t give you solution then you must contact authentic Bigpond customer service number in Australia.

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