Unable to receive one-time code to reset Bigpond email password

One time code is basically sent as the security measure to verify the identity of a user while resetting or recovering the Bigpond account. If you want to reset, recover or update to your Bigpond email password, one-time code is required during the procedure. The One-time code is sent in the mobile number or alternate email address. You can reset the password by answering the security question but if the two-factor authentication is enabled, you will receive one-time code to gain access to your account. One-time code is used for authentication, enhanced security and protect against phishing. Sometimes you may not be able to receive one-time code to reset Bigpond email password due to several factors. Here are some of the potential reasons behind it and steps to address them:

  • You should always double-check and ensure to use correct Bigpond email address while attempting to reset the password. A single mistakes or typo in the in the email address could result in the password reset email being sent to the wrong address.
  • You have to check the spam or junk folder if you didn’t receive one-time code for resetting Bigpond email password, Sometimes the legitimate emails as well as password reset emails can be filtered into the spam or junk folder by the email providers.
  • Sometimes, there could be interim issues in the system which results late email delivery, preventing the password reset email from reaching your inboxes. You have to be patient and wait for sometime and try later to see if the email arrives in the inbox.
  • You have to check and ensure that emails from Bigpond/Telstra are not being blocked by the email provider by whitelisting the email address or domain. Whitelisting helps to make sure that the emails from Bigpond/Telstra are delivered to the inbox rather than being filtered as spam.
  • You can confirm if Bigpond/Telstra provides alternative ways for verifying identification and resetting passwords such as providing answer to the security questions, using back up email address or phone number.

The steps listed above may help to reset the password, in such case the last option is to contact Bigpond Customer Care or visit the nearest store. They will contribute accurate information and solution related to every Bigpond issues.

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