How to File Report Spam Mail in Bigpond

Report spam mail in Bigpond is a feature that is provided by the Bigpond end to help the users to identify and handle unsolicited and irrelevant emails. If the users received an email that considered to be spam, they have to use “Report spam” option to notify the Bigpond about the unnecessary or unwanted message. By reporting spam, it will help to improve the Bigpond’s spam filter and decrease the possibility of similar emails reaching to user’s inbox in the upcoming days.

How “Report spam” works in Bigpond mail:

  • When the users mark an email as spam, the Bigpond mail service analyses the content, sender information, and similar characteristics of the email.
  • After that the Bigpond uses this information to update the spam filters, making more effective at identifying and blocking similar spam emails for all the users.
  • Then, the reported email is moved from the inbox folder to a spam or junk folder. This will keep inbox cleaner and more organized.
  • The Bigpond will block the sender from sending further emails, especially if other Bigpond users report the same sender as spam

Why Reporting Spam is necessary:

  • Reporting spam helps to improve the email security by protecting the users from potential harmful or phishing emails which contains malicious links or attachments.
  • By reporting spam, users will contribute to the refinement of spam filters, helping them better to identify and block spam in the future.
  • Reporting spam reduces clutter and keep inbox free from irrelevant emails, making easier to manage the important communications.

Steps to file report mail in Bigpond

  • Go to the Bigpond official login page and use the correct log in credentials.
  • After that navigate to the inbox and tap on the email that you want to report as spam.
  • Search for the link that says “Report Spam” or “Mark as Spam”. It is located in the toolbar above the email or within the email options menu and then click on the “Report Spam” or “Mark as Spam”
  • The users will be prompted to confirm that they want to report the email as spam. Confirm the action if necessary.  

By applying these steps, you will be able to file report mail in Bigpond. If you need alternate ways to report mail, then connect to Bigpond customer care for assistance.

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