Bigpond Mail Box Blocked

The user can experience issues related to billing, security or usage policy violation, resulting Bigpond mail box blocked. For the ease of the users here we present some of the common causes and ideas to fix the issues:

  • Sometimes the users might get confused int the password due to multiple accounts, they may enter the wrong password attempting to log in to the account. This continuing attempt of login can trigger temporary block to protect the account from unauthorized access.  If the users are unable to log in to their account, its best to reset the password using the “Forgot your password?” that is found on the login page.
  • If there are actions or activity detected such as multiple times login attempts, sending many emails in a short period, or logging in from unusual locations Bigpond can block the account. If the account is blocked the users can take help from the Bigpond tech support, the users have to verify their and secure the account. The user will be given advice from the Bigponds end to change the password and review the security settings.  
  • If the users used the services of Bigpond and have unpaid payments on their Bigpond account, the Bigpond email service might be suspended. To settle down this kind of issues, the users have to clear their unpaid bills and restore access to email account. Ensure to check the account status and pay the bills through the official website.
  • Sometimes the users create profile only for few times purposes, if there is prolonged inactivity in the account it can result email account suspended or deactivated.
  • If the users account is compromised then the Bigpond and Telstra end might block the account to prevent further unauthorized access. To encounter such issues the users are required to reset the password ASAP, review the account security settings, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • If there is any violation such as outlawed activities or spamming in the email which is against the policy of the Bigpond/Telstra, it will result blocking of email in the Bigpond account. Therefore, the users must read and follow the terms of condition to understand the violation.

Since every issue is related to Bigpond account, the users can follow the steps to fix the Bigpond mail box blocked issues but sometimes the issue can be caused by other reason as well. To know about alternative methods to fix the issue the users can use different modes of medium to reach out to Bigpond customer care, Live chat and support through Telstra app.

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