Tips how to Organize BigPond Email Inbox

Sometimes it’s hectic to search for old important message it is because of other unwanted messages stacked up in the inbox folder. So it’s very important to manage and organize Bigpond email inbox. Here are some useful tips to organize bigpond email inbox:

  1. Create folders or labels: The user can create separate folder for work, personal, finance, travel, etc. This helps to sort and store emails based on their content or purpose.
  2.  Prioritize emails: The user can mark the important emails with flags and stars. The emails can be categorized as high priority, normal or low priority.
  3. Use filters: You can customize the filters by allowing only specific person email address to send email.
  4. Archive regularly: The user can archive or move emails that have been addressed or no longer need in folders. The user inbox will contain only important emails.
  5. Unsubscribe from unwanted Emails: If the user are getting unwanted emails from newsletters or promotional emails, then open the link from the emails and unsubscribe it to stop receiving.
  6. Delete unnecessary emails: If your inbox are full of unnecessary emails, spam, or redundant communication just delete them to organize your email folder.
  7. Sort by date and Sender: To organize emails by date, sender and subject the user can use email sorting options. It will help to find the emails quickly.
  8. Create rules: The user can generate email commands that will move emails automatically to specific folders. You can set up forwarding emails to another address as well.
  9. Regularly check and empty the spam folder: The user have to check the spam folder for legitimate emails that may be incorrectly classified as spam. Mark it if the spam is not necessary.
  10.  Use search options: If the user need a specific emails with date then the user can search it according to address or date wise.
  11.  Set up notifications: The user have to configure for important email notification where you will be notify when the important email is received.
  12. Back up important emails: The users have to back up important email so that It would be saved on the inbox for the future use.
  13. Keep contacts updated: Updating contacts will help you to maintain the address book and identifying emails from known or unknown contacts.
  14. Use of flag or reminders: The users can mark important emails by marking them with a flag or reminders sign. These marking can help you to keep tracking of important tasks as well deadlines.

Please remember that the update of Telstra may be changed according to the errors. If you need any help our Bigpond Customer Support will be available to assist and resolve your issues.

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