Bigpond Mail Sending issue in Apple Phone

Sometimes the user might face issues regarding sending email from Bigpond email account on an apple phone, the user can try the steps mention below to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

  1. Check the internet connection: The user have to make sure that their apple phone internet connection is stable and active. The user can check the internet connection by opening the web browser or using other inter dependent apps.
  2. Verify email account settings: The users have to configure their email account settings accurately. The steps are as follows to configure email account settings:
  3. Firstly the users have to go to “Setting” app on their Iphone.
  4. In the “Setting” app the user have to scroll down and click on “Mail”.
  5. Choose your email account
  6. The user have to review the settings for both incoming (IMAP or POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. Ensure that the username, password, server address and port settings are accurate.
  7. Update email app: The users have to update their email app in order to avoid from compatibility issues. Update the latest version from the app store.
  8. Review email attachments: Sometimes large as well problematic email attachments can lead issue in sending email. The user can check by sending email without any attachments if any problem exists or not regarding email attachments.
  9.  Check for blocked email address: The recipients can’t receive any emails if the sender has blocked their email address. So the users have check in the block list to make sure that there are no recipients email addresses on the list.
  10. Use a different email client: If the problem persists on the user iphone then the best option is to switch different email client such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. to send emails.
  11. Check for email server issues: Sometimes temporary server issues with Bigpond may trigger the problems while sending email. The users have to keep themselves updated through social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or visit official site of Telstra for ongoing problems affecting email services.
  12. Restart user iphone: Sometimes a simple step restarting user iphone can sort out the temporary issues. The users have to switch their phone off and restart after few minutes.
  13. Update email app settings: To work with specific email providers sometimes the users have to adjust the email apps in their settings. Check whether there are any particular settings recommended by Bigpond for using email service on Apple devices.

By these following steps the user can identify and resolve the issues. If the steps mentioned above steps can’t resolve the issues, it’s better to contact Bigpond Customer Service for more specific information and troubleshooting the problems.

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