Bigpond Account After Deleting still Says Password Incorrect

If the System of Bigpond email account still replied the user “Password incorrect” even after the account is removed or deleted there might be few reasons for this issue. Here we mention some of the following points which can be helpful to the user to resolve it:

  1. Clear cache and cookies from the web browser: If there is cached information in the web browser it can cause issues. So clear out cache and cookies from the web browser and try logging in again.
  2. Check for typos: The user have to be sure that the username and password which they have entered is correct. The user have to double check for the typos in both email address as well password.
  3. Password reset: The user have to reset the password, if they are confident that they are using the correct credentials and still unable to log in. Now in most of the email client they offer “Forget password” or “Reset password” option where each and every instruction is given to reset the password. Follow the instruction and a verification code is sent to your email address or phone number to create a new password.
  4.  Account recovery: If the user have deleted their account and created a new account with the same email address used before, then it might be possible that the old account data is still inter linked to the email address. The users have to get in touch with Bigpond customer service to resolve this issue.
  5. Account Lockout: Mostly due to multiple times login failed attempts may cause to lock the account. The users have to be patient and wait for a period of time before attempting to log in again.
  6.  Two factor authentication (2FA): Two factor authentications (2FA) is an extra layer of security. If the user enable two factor authentications (2FA) on their account, the user have to ensure that the instructions they are following are the correct steps for 2FA. This process includes entering a code sent to the user email address or phone number.
  7. Browser or device issues: Sometimes there might be problem in the user device or browser, so trying out from a different device or browser may solve the issues. Trying out from different device or browser will help user to determine if the issues is with the device or browser.
  8. IPS or Network issues: Sometimes, the problem may be with internet service provider not with the account. The users have to check the internet connection is stable or not. 

If none of the above mentioned steps work, then I recommend you to get connected with our tech support for assistance. Our Bigpond Customer Care will guide you and resolve the issues. 

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