Steps to Sign up Bigpond Email Account

BigPond is a popular email client which has many users across the world. In Europe, Australia and USA, this email client is mostly popular. Formally known as BigPond, the email client has undergone a change of name. The present name of this service is known as Telstra Media. Apart from the name of the service, all other things have remained unchanged. If you want to open a new email account with BigPond or Telstra Media, you need to visit the official website. On the website, you shall get signup or registration option. Completing successful registration will open your email account. In the following section, you can find the steps to create an email account with BigPond.

Steps to Sign up with BigPond or Telstra Media

To get signed up with BigPond, you need to follow a few simple steps. The steps have been discussed in the following section.

  • Open your web browser and then visit the official website of Telstra Media.
  • On the website, you shall find an option namely “My Account”.
  • Below to the “My Account” option, there is a button called “Register”. Click on that button to start registration process.
  • On the registration page, you need to enter all the details. A simple online form will be given to you. It seeks basic details like name, country, password, username, etc.
  • Once you enter username, there will be an automatic verification. You should select a unique username as there cannot be two accounts with the same username.
  • Along with username, you need to select the password carefully. The password should have alphabets and numerical. Additionally, there should be at least one special character.
  • When you enter a contact number, you shall be asked to verify the number through OTP (One Time Password).
  • Upon filling up your registration form, you need to proceed towards the next step by clicking on the “Continue” button.

This will complete your registration process with BigPond. Now, you have an official email address with BigPond.

Send Your first Email

You have only a few simple steps to follow for sending an email. Once you have done the registration, you need to login to your account. After logging into your account, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • At the home page of Telstra Media, you shall find an option named as New Email. Click on the option and an email compose window will open up for you.
  • Enter email receiver’s address. You can add Cc, if you want another person to receive the email.
  • Now, enter the email subject. A subject of email should be short and crisp.
  • The next step is to attach files. Choose the files from your local hard disk drive.
  • When attachments have been added, you need to go for composing the email body. Type the text that you want to add.
  • Now, hit “Send” button to confirm sending the email to the receiver.

Managing an email account with BigPond is hassle free experience. The email service offers good data security to users along with a user-friendly interface.

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