Bigpond Email Loading Error

Bigpond is an email service which has been named as Telstra Web Mail. This email service provider is popular among many people. If you are an internet user, you need to find a good email service provider. Among the reliable services, Telstra or Bigpond can be counted. Though known to be a safe and seamless email service, users may often find some technical issues with their web mail service from Telstra. Email loading error is such an error. It can happen due to many reasons, and in this article we shall investigate those reasons. Not just diagnosing the reasons for the error, solutions will also be discussed.

Reasons behind Bigpond Email Loading Error

As states, there could be many reasons behind Bigpond email loading error. In the following section, you can find those reasons.

Reason 1: Internet Connectivity Error

Due to internet connectivity error, you may find issues with Bigpond email service. Among those issues, email loading error is a major issue. When you have a slow internet connection, this issue can also happen. When you have no internet connection, this issue can also happen. To diagnose the state of your internet connection, you can do the following things.

  • Open a fresh tab on your browser and type If the website opens, there is no internet problem. If it does not, then you need to resolve the internet problem.
  • Check the status of your internet connection. You may have not turned on the internet connection on your computer.
  • You should check your modem. If all lights are not blinking, there is definitely a problem with your internet connection.

When internet connection issue happens, the solution is to call the internet service provider for solution. You can talk to internet service provider and resolve the issue. It may take some time. Once internet connection is restored, you can access your Bigpond web mail easily with the email loading error.

Reason 2: Internal Server Error

Bigpond email server may be down due to server maintenance. Server maintenance has been done once in a while for keeping the servers fast and safe for the users. During the server maintenance, you shall find “email loading error”. This issue happens for a short span of time in most of the cases. The solution is to wait for the issue to get resolved automatically. Except waiting, you do not have to do anything for resolving the issue. However, you can lodge a complaint to Bigpond Helpline Number on this regard. Based on your complaint, they may take measures to resolve the problem at the earliest.


Apart from these common reasons, email loading issue has been not encountered by the Bigpond users. Facing the issue due to some other technical glitches is rare. Such instances cannot be found easily. For such error or other glitches with your Bigpond web mail, you should contact customer support of Bigpond for assistance. The executives at the Bigpond Customer Support Number will give you the guidance on dealing with the technical problems that you are facing with your Bigpond web mail.

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