SMTP Settings for Android in Bigpond Email

The email client is a kind of service thatcannot be neglected, it is the most used and operated software around the world. Email is something that makes out work way easier. And when it comes to choosing which email client software to create an account, Bigpond email is the right choice. We sure can find other email client software on the web which also suggests their best functionality but eventually, after some, the email software will start to show its true nature. But with Bigpond email users will not have to face any such thing because the software is built in a way where the user will not have to face any such issue and problems. The software is designed by the current leading telecommunication company Telstra. For those who are not familiar with Telstra, it is a telecommunication company that offers numerous services for users. If users are interested in learning more about what and how Bigpond email can make your email experience better contact us at Customer Care Support.

We did clear the introduction part for the Bigpond email and now it is time to learn some more about the email client. As we mentioned Bigpond is one of the best email client software which has the best features. Nowadays the application can be used on multiple platforms, and Bigpond has also made its feature available for such purpose. Now Bigpond can be used on Android devices too, to use the email service Android users will have to head to Playstore and the application can be downloaded. In Android users will not have to follow the process for installing, the system will install the application on its own. If there are any questions for Bigpond’semail then kindly reach out to Support Service.

We just came to learn that Bigpond has also designed an application for Android users, plus there is also some more feature that can be used with Bigpond.The user must have heard about the SMTP settings, now the same settings can also be used for Android using Bigpond email. There are some changes that users will have to do to set up the SMTP service. The changes which are required to be done are mentioned in the points.

  • The Bigpond IMAP incoming mail server should be set to in port 993 which requires SSL.
  • Next, set the POP3 incoming mail server to in port 110 which requires SSL.
  • Then set SMTP outgoing mail server to in port 465 which also requires SSL.

After making changes to the email setting user will be able to configure the SMTP setting. If the setting does not work or the connection is not successful, then kindly connect with our Bigpond Technical Support.

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