How to Recover Bigpond Password Without Phone Number

Bigpond email service is one of the oldest and most used email serviceswhich has the perfect package of features for users. You are new, don’t know much about email service, or if you are a professional and require various email features then Bigpond is the choice for users. The email client is designed in such a way that new users, as well as professional users, can operate the service. It is always best when the software can be used with various features and functionality. And with Bigpond,several useful features are easy to operate, the user will not have to connect with support to get the help. Some of the interesting features which are added recently are the one-tap verification feature. If the user is trying to login into their Bigpond email in another un-used device, then with the Bigpond feature user can tap on the security number and connect directly. Users can connect with Customer Support to learn the exact way how to make such changes.

That was some new and useful feature which we just put a glance at. Now it is time to learn more about Bigpond email which will enhance user experience. Talking about other useful features added by Bigpond, we often deleted emails in our account but sometimes the important emails are deleted accidentally. In earlier versions,such deleted emails were not possible to be retrieved. Bigpond understands how important such emails could be for users, and now a feature is launched where user can retrieve their deleted emails. The deleted emails will be stored in the user’s bin folder for a certain period. It is always best to collect the email immediately from the bin folder. To learn more about Bigpond’s email kindly reach out to the Support Service Number.

After learning some of the cool features offered by Bigpond email, now it is time to check on some of the issues which are faced by the user. We often forget our account password, and the best solution which we get is resetting the password. Well now in the following case, what would a user do if they don’t have access to their phone number. Well, follow the steps given below to reset your Bigpond email password without having access to your phone number.

  • Users will have to follow the same process as resetting the password.
  • Head to the signup page for Bigpond email and click on forgot password link.
  • Then instead of choosing a phone number users will have to choose their secondary email to receive the link.
  • Then the verification link will be sent to the user’s account where the password can be reset.

In the following way, user can reset their password through their phone number and secondary email account.  Make sure to add both methods while creating an account. For more on Bigpond’s email kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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