Bigpond Email Folders Deleted in Outlook 365

Bigpond is a term that is related to email service, it has its own webmail which offers users to transfer a message from one computer device to another device. If the user is looking for a genuine and reliable email client software that can be used for the long term, then choose Bigpond email. It is one of the most used email client software which has all the necessary features and the best part of it is that new users will find it very comfortable to get started with the email software. Usually, there are cases where the user often mentions that the working and design of the email software is complicated. User also refers that it takes loads of time to get used to the service. Well now with Bigpond users will not have to face such situations. Users can easily navigate the system and start using Bigpond email for their benefit. If there is any question for Bigpond’s email then kindly reach out to Technical Support.

As we were mentioning that Bigpond comes with all necessary features, we will be talking about some of the most used features in the Bigpond email. One of the most used and loved features is connecting another email account with Bigpond email. In the following feature, user can connect their email account to Bigpond and both of the email addresses can be accessed from a common point. To use the feature user will have to make some changes, and in a case where the user doesn’t know the steps simply connect with the support.The next most used feature is two-factor authentication, it is the feature that will enable extra security to the user’s account. Users will have to connect through both accounts to sign in to their accounts. If support is required to use the feature or other queries for Bigpond then connect with Support Service.

Now we will be moving into the part where some of the issues are looked upon and taken care of. Another interesting feature available on Bigpond email is retrieving deleted emails. User can now retrieve their deleted emails from the bin folder, but there was a case where a user has mentioned that Bigpond email folders were deleted in Outlook 365. In such a case it could be caused due to several reasons. Check on the given points to verify and find the cause of the problem.

  • If the settings for connecting Outlook have been disrupted, then such an issue does occur.
  • In many cases, due to slow internet connectivity,such an issue does occur.
  • If the server setting has been changed or updated, then the user will have to restore the settings.
  • Users will have to make sure that the internet email settings are not changed,

After checking on the given points user will be able to locate the deleted emails on Outlook 365. If there are other questions for Bigpond then kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care.

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