Set up Accessibility and Screen Reader Functionality for Bigpond Email

To set up accessibility features and screen reader functionality for Bigpond the users have to configure settings within their email client and make possible adjustment on computer or device. Here we mention some steps to improve accessibility:

  1. Email client settings: while accessing Bigpond email from a web browser the users have to make sure that they are using an accessible webmail interface. Now a day’s most of the webmail service are intended to be accessible but incase if it is not accessible then the users have to check within their Bigpond webmail settings. In desktop email client the users must be sure that their email client is set up to work perfectly with screen readers. As we know that most of the email clients have inbuilt accessibility features. E.g., In Microsoft outlook, the users can enable accessibility features under the “Ease of access” settings.
  2. Computer/Device settings: The users have to enable their computer or device’s screen reader. There are various type of screen readers which includes JASW, NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access), and VoiceOver (on Mac and iOS devices). The screen reader settings have to be adjusted according to the user preferences. The users can adjust screen magnification and contrast settings to make the text more readable.
  3. Bigpond Email settings: The users have to check if Bigpond email allows them to customize the font size and style. To enhance readability the users can increase the font size. Some screen readers work with plain text emails so the users have to check for an option to switch between HTML or plain text emails in the Bigpond settings.
  4. Browser extensions: The users can enhance accessibility by using browser extensions.  The browser extensions help to improve contrast, readability as well provide additional Keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Testing: After the adjustment is completed, the users can test the setup with a screen reader to make sure that the changes are effective.

If the step mentioned above doesn’t help users to set up accessibility and screen reader functionality for bigpond email then refer to the official instructions given by the email client and Bigpond for the accurate information. Otherwise reaching out to Bigpond Customer Care or calling Bigpond helpline number will be the best option to resolve the issues.

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