Quota Type: Bytes in the Bigpond Mailbox Error

Bigpond email service is a very large space to experience the communication medium with its variety of services. The software now is not just for sending and receiving emails, well that is the main task which the software carries out, but also we should be aware that the emails are stored in the account, and also for storing those emails Bigpond has provided with flexible options. Users may be aware that all of the data stored in Bigpond email is safe and there is no chance for any other users to access those data unless the user gives away their password. Until then the data is safe with the Bigpond email service, there is no need to worry about any wrong thing happening to the user’s data. If this information is new to users and wants to learn more in detail so that those particular users will also be able to work more effectively on Bigpond email then kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care Number.

Now moving on to the topic where the user is facing an issue with bytes in the Bigpond mailbox error, well the exchange Service on-premises to mentioned migrated application is occurring a lot. This kind of issue is occurring loads in small and medium-level businesses. Well, the process of migration is surely a headache and especially at the time when users face errors and issues. In completing the process user should ensure the consistency of the information and it is also very necessary to check that all of the data has been transferred without any data loss. While completing the migration user does encounter some common issues known as quota error. The following problem here can be occurred in a particular user or all the users. If this information is new to the user and wishes to learn in detail, then kindly connect with Bigpond Support Service Number.

In the section given below, we have mentioned the troubleshooting process to investigate the issues. The starting process is to check for mDBUseDefaults whether it is enabled or not. If not then the user will have to make changes.

Users can check the process from the on-premises Exchange server or the Active Directory Server using the process of Active Directory Users and Computers. If users choose this:

  • Open up Administrative Tools
  • Then load Active Directory Users and Computers

The next step required here is to change the view to Advanced which will show the attributes of the object. Check the steps to make changes.

  • Click on View and Advanced Features.
  • After finding the affected user, right-click and open Properties. In the following window, the user will have to click on Attribute Editor.
  • Make changes on the mDBUseDefaults then click on False and Ok.

After making changes on the given path user will solve the mailbox error. If there is any other such issue that occurred with the Bigpond email then kindly connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.

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