Bigpond Email Configuration issue in the Outlook for Mac

Bigpond is a place that provides with ESP services, what is ESP? ESP stands for the email service provider; it is basically a business that hosts software-based email services at numerous scales. The simple meaning of the term here defines as when the user upholds email communication with the email receivers/customers and especially when the emails are used on a maximum level, the ESP will aid the user in building and saving email lists and also transfer emails successfully and conveniently. There is very less another email client which is as reliable as Bigpond email service. To add more evidence for the term mentioned, Bigpond is a service that is provided by Telstra corporation. A company that is leading with its service for Telecommunication and the Bigpond email service is also launched to provide with best email service to users. Users can gain any information about the email client with the help of Bigpond Customer Support Service.

Now as we know email is the best place for users to communicate and exchanges information, Bigpond has made its platform quite reasonable for users. Most of the time users are confused with software, all those heavy designing, confusing workspace, complex user interface, and others. Well in Bigpond these things were especially kept in mind and were well taken care of, so new users will not have to worry about such things as accessing the Bigpond email service. With its simple and easy user interface feature, easy navigation users will have no problem accessing the email service. Bigpond also provides with latest features such as blocking Spam emails, saving spam emails on separate folders, and connecting the Bigpond email accounts to another email client such as Outlook mail or Mac mail. There are no such hard steps to make changes but if users want to take support for making changes then kindly reach out to Bigpond Support Service Number.

Now we will be heading to the section where we will be solving issues that occurred in the Bigpond email. These are very common types of issues that are caused due to making some changes to the email client. Some of the users were not able to configure Bigpond email on Outlook for Mac. Well, we have mentioned the correct steps by which the configuration will be successful.

IMAP settings

  • The account type should be set to IMAP
  • Next, the Incoming server details where the address should be entered as
  • Incoming port number to 993 and encrypted connection to SSL.
  • Now for Outgoing server details, the user will have to set the server address to
  • Outgoing server port to 465 or 587.
  • Make sure to check for SMTP Authentication is turned On.
  • The encrypted Connection should be set to SSL/TLS on port 465.

Then after adding in username and password user will be able to configure Bigpond email on Outlook for Mac without any issues. If there is any other issue that occurred in the Bigpond email and users are not able to fix it then kindly reach out to the Bigpond Customer Care Number to get the solution.

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