Webmail Inbox msgs get deleted after configuring Bigpond Email in Outlook

Bigpond email is one of the great service providers which enables us to take the experience of email service to the next level. Now loads of things have been changed since the last version of email which we used to operate where sending and receiving of emails used to be the main functionality. No doubt we use email for the same process, but since there are many email client services available on the web and users surely have created accounts on multiple platforms, now the change which has come up in the email client service is using all the email account to connect into one and use from a common point. Now not all email service supports connecting account, but for Bigpond email user, the email client has enabled the feature. There are several things that users should be aware of before connecting their account, to learn the process kindly reach out to our Technical Support.

We discussed how the email client software has been built in recent times adding more useful features. The next feature which we will be looking at is the functionality that will allow the user to retrieve their deleted email from the Bigpond email account. This particular feature must be the main requirement for almost all users because there are often times when we delete important emails from our accounts. Now that the problem is solved, Bigpond has introduced the system where the emails can be retrieved from the Bin folder where all the deleted emails are stored. Users can head to the folder and select the emails which they prefer to restore. Users must keep in mind that the deleted emails are stored for a limited period of time, it’s best to restore the necessary email as soon as possible. For more on Bigpond email, users can connect with Customer Support.

As we talked about the feature where user can connect their Bigpond email account with other email client software, one of the email clients is Outlook.com which is a very well-known email software. After learning about the feature users did try to connect the accounts, but in doing so users faced some issues with the email. Users were not able to locate the emails on their accounts after connecting to Outlook. To learn about the issues here, the problem may be caused due to some changes made in the settings.  Basically, when users make changes on the POP server, there is an option for deleting the copy from the server when emails are deleted from the Deleted Items. If the user has turned on the option, then the emails will be deleted. To have access to the email user will have to turn off the option so that the emails will not be deleted. In case the user is not able to learn about the problem then connect with Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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