Outlook Rejecting Bigpond Server Settings

Bigpond as we all know is the best email client software which is operated by Telstra Corporation Limited located in Australia. And the company has a very good reputation over pleasing the users with their best service. The main goal of Bigpond mail is to come with a system that is easy to use and users don’t have to learn different ways to operate the software. Due to the reasons, it can be seen that Bigpond mail makes it very simple for users to operate email client software. Easy navigation has made it simpler to make any changes in the user’s account. Users account here refers to the account which is required to be created at the beginning of the process. With an email id and password, the user will be able to have their own email account. If you are new and don’t have much idea about how to get started with Bigpond mail, we would like to support the user in any convenient way, just give us a ring at the Support Service Number.

We did come to know what is Bigpond mail and why all users have enjoyed the service provided by it. We can find other several email client software but not all of them are worthy. But with Bigpond mail users will not have an incident when they will think about the email software. Moving forward with Bigpond mail, let’s check on some of the interesting features which can be used once the account has been created. Password is something that is a very vital part of an account, it is very essential to keep our passwords safe and secure. Bigpond comes with a feature where the account can be secured with the two-factor authentication process. The feature is comprised of connecting your email account to multiple devicesand only can be logged in if the user signs in from both devices. Even if a hacker passes through one account still the other account needs to be logged in. If users also want to enable the feature on their Bigpond account then kindly reach out to Customer Care Support.

Recently there had been a case with Bigpond mail where Outlook was rejecting Bigpond server settings. Due to the following reason, users were not able to operate the email service. It is very necessary for Outlook to accept the server settings otherwise, the connection could not be established. If other users are also facing such issues with Bigpond mail then kindly follow the instructions given below.

  • If the server settings are not configured as expected then such issues are common.
  • Users will have to head to the server settings and check if the changes are made as required.
  • If the internet is not working correctly then the settings will not be affected.
  • If the email client is not updated to the latest version then the functionality will not work.

After going through the points users will be able to figure the cause and solve the problem. For more on Bigpond mail kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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