Steps to Change Bigpond Email Server Pop to IMAP

If you are a user who is constantly dependent on using software then those users would have a clear idea about what sort of software he/she would install. The software will be very secure where the user will not have to worry about their account or data. Next, the software will be easy to use where the user would not have to take help from the Support Service.And if users are looking for such email software then Bigpond is the one for you. It is an email client software which is operated by Telstra Corporation.It has been many years since the company has been initiated and it has successfully been able to please users around the world. Due to its simple and easy nature, people love to operate Bigpond mail. And the speed for transferring emails are just amazing, user will not have any idea about when the mail was sent and received. To know more about this super email client software kindly reach out to us at Customer Care.

We can be clear that now users have got the basic introduction about what Bigpond mail is. It is time to discuss some of the features and systems used to develop it. After getting started with Bigpond mail users will eventually come to find that Bigpond comes with many interesting features. Among those many features, one of the most used functionality is securing your account through two-factor authentication. It is the latest feature added where the user will have to login through multiple devices to login into the account. With such a feature there will be very little chance that your account will get hacked. If there are questions for Bigpond mail then connect with Technical Support.

Another interesting feature about Bigpond email is that user is able to make changes to their email server settings. By the following, the email can be used for single-user as well as corporate level. And there were questions where the user wanted to learn how to change their Bigpond email server from POP to IMAP. We have collected easy steps for users to make changes, following the points given below.

Users will have to make changes tothe settings of their email application

  • Users will have to change their account type to IMAP
  • Next comes the Incoming server address, change it to
  • Then change the incoming server port to 993.
  • Now change the encrypted connection to SSL.
  • For the Outgoing server, address change it to
  • Outgoing server port to 465 or 587.
  • Make sure to turn on the SMTP authentication.

Then the user will have to enter their username and password for their Telstra email account. Once the user completes the steps given in the points above, the Bigpond email server from POP to IMAP. For more steps like this connect with Bigpond Phone Number.

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