What to do if Telstra’s email is deactivated?

Email is one service that is used in almost every field of work, it is the best place for communicating and share information. And when we say email services, there are loads of email clients out there, but selecting a genuine one is a hard task out there. Every other email client shows promise for its best feature, functionality, and other fascinating features. But all of them don’t provide the required specification. Users may have heard about Bigpond or Telstra mail, it is a telecommunication company that has decided to provide email client service to users. The company is well repudiated where there are millions of users around the world using Bigpond mail. The idea of the email was invented long back, and due to its simple and easy nature still, it is the standard form of communication. In the earlier days, Email service used to run only on computer screens, but now Telstra mail can be used on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, etc. If users want to learn various new things available on Telstra Mail then kindly reach out to Technical Support.

When we are looking at Bigpond mail, users can find the difference easily about how the other email client and Bigpond works. Bigpond mail is designed in such a way where users will have no such difficulty inusing the email service. The simple and bright front end of the email client is very pleasing. In the older versions of email clients, there only used to be a system where emails can be created and sent to other users. Now things have evolved, we can do loads more in email account, and users can use the feature for their office or commercial work. The features are free to use where users will not have to pay for using the feature. Some of the most used feature provided by Bigpond is, creating a folder in your account, two-factor authentication, scanning password recovery and many more. If users have any questions or want to learn about the features offered by Bigpond then kindly give us a ring at Customer Support.

There are some cases where the account could get deactivated, in such cases users will not be able to access their email account.If users are suffering from such a problem, then the following points given below will help users to re-activate their email account.

  • The main reason for users to find their account deactivated is due to the Telstra bill left to be paid. Users must make sure to pay in time.
  • If users have not opened or logged in to their account for some time, then the account will be automatically deactivated.
  • If Telstra detects any sort of abnormal behavior going on in the user’s account,such as spamming then the account will be deactivated/suspended.
  • If users have moved out from their home/office to a new place then due to the Telstra network the account is deactivated.

For inquiry, users can give us a call at the Support Service Number.

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