Mail Box Space is not Increasing After Deleted all Email

After deleting emails, there could be a few reasons why the space in your mailbox is not growing. The following actions can be taken to diagnose and fix the issue:

  • Emails that you delete could end up in the Trash or Deleted Items folder. To ensure the emails are permanently removed, make sure you empty this folder as well.
  • There may be folder size restrictions on some email clients or services. You might need to make new folders to arrange your emails if you’ve hit the limit or delete emails from existing ones.
  • Try synchronizing or refreshing your email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) if you use one to make sure it appropriately displays the changes in your mailbox.
  • Verify that the email client or service is configured appropriately by double-checking the settings for your email account. Verify that when you remove emails locally, it deletes them from the server as well.
  • Use the web interface (webmail) offered by your email provider to access your account if you are using an email client. Verify whether the deleted emails are still there. Try removing them straight from the webmail interface if that’s the case.
  • Confirm that no archiving or forwarding procedures are in place that might be keeping copies of emails. Rules like this could result in deleted emails being preserved or forwarded instead of being erased.
  • Verify that you still have email storage available. You might need to make room on your account or subscribe to a larger storage plan if your email provider has a storage limit.
  • Emails can be archived by certain email providers and stored in a different location. If the archiving feature is available for your email provider, check the emails that have been archived.

You should be able to locate and fix the problem stopping your mailbox space from growing after deleting emails by following these instructions. It is suggested to contact the Telstra Customer support team of your email service provider for assistance if the issue continues.

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