How to Manage Bigpond Mail Contacts

Sometimes the users might struggle and confused while managing Bigpond mail contacts because it involves features such as adding, editing, and organizing contacts. Here we mention some general guide to manage the contacts in the Bigpond Mail:

  1. Access Bigpond email: Firstly the users have to open the web browser and visit the official site of Bigpond. Then the users have to Log in the Bigpond mail account by using the correct username and password.
  2. Navigate to contacts: After Logging in to Bigpond mail account the users have to look for a “Contacts” or “Address Book” option. It is basically located in the menu bar or side bar of the email interface.
  3. Add a New contact: The users have to click on the “New contact” option. In the “New contact” option the users have to fill the required information of the new contact such as name, email address, and other specific details. After filling all the required information the users have to save the contact.
  4. Edit or Delete Contacts: The users have the option to “Edit” or “Delete” the contact and can make necessary changes from their contacts list.
  5. Organize contacts: To organize contacts the users can create groups or categories such as family, friends, colleagues, etc. Organizing contacts will help the users for easy access and management. Some of the email services provide tags and labels to contacts.
  6. Import and Export contacts: The Bigpond provides facility to imports contacts from the other sources or export contacts for backup purposes. The import/export option can be found in the Contacts or settings menu.
  7. Search and filter Contacts: The users can use search and filter functions to find the specific contacts if there are lots of member in the user contacts.
  8. Set Contact Preferences: Most of the email service providers will alow the users to set preferences for individual contacts. E.g., Email notification or specific display options.
  9. Sync with devices: If the users are using their Bigpond mail account on multiple devices then make sure that all of the contacts are synchronized on all devices. This will help the users to make sure that the changes they make are reflected on all the platforms.
  10. Regularly update contacts: The users must keep their contact list up to date. Deleting unnecessary contact will help the users to update the contacts.

The steps mentioned above will help the users to manage their Bigpond contacts. Sometimes there can be slightly change in the system and the users could find difficulty. Incase if you find some issues regarding Bigpond then get connected with Bigpond customer care will be the best plan to resolve the issues.

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