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If the user is looking for a genuine and accurate email client service then we highly recommend the user to check on the Bigpond email service. It is also known as Telstra email which is not a different service as Telstra is the company that handles the Bigpond email service.  With Bigpond, email users will be able to send and receive an email in a much more significant manner. As talk about email servie, it is the most classic and simple mode of delivering messages which have been followed for many many years. There is no doubt that numerous other email client are out there offering their service but we can assure you that the service will not be efficient and effective for users. Looking at the features offered by Bigpond email, the user would not find such useful features on other email client software, to speak of some useful features, Bigpond provides us with cloud storage where user can save their emails and other necessary files. To learn more about the feature in detail user can connect with the Customer Care Number.

Now as we discussed how Bipgond is better than other email client software, we would not deny that there is no such case where Bigpond will not face any issues. There are instances where the email client may face some problems and the user will have to fix them in order to use the email service back again. We will be discussing about the issues in detail and learning the ways how to fix them. First, we would like to inform the user that these issues which we have mentioned are caused due to making some changes to the email system knowingly or unknowingly by users. The best solution for such a situation is for that user to learn about the system which is not hard at all. After the user gets involved sometimes the user can easily adapt to the process of solving the issue. If the user wants to learn what are the issues and problems which might occur in the Bigpond email then connect with Support Service.

Let us check into a particular case in which most of the user gets stuck, the case is server setting not working. Since the setting is not working user will not be able to operate the email service. To fix the problem user will have to head to the server settings and make changes. Don’t worry, the changes should not be made by the users on their own. We will be provided with all necessary changes which are required to be carried out by the user. Kindly follow the given points.

  • In the IMAP section user will have to set the port number to 993 and the server shoud be entered as
  • Then in the POP section, the user will have to set the port to 995 where the server address should be
  • Lastly comes SMTP, set the port to 587 and make a change in the server to

For more on Bigpond email kindly contact us at Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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