How to create an alternate Bigpond account in a registered Telstra account

An email account is a system that is set by the software and is allocated to all the users who will have a unique identity. And with the identity user will be able to connect with other users. Email is functioned in this way so that the message can be directly transferred and received by the user. Bigpond is an email client software that handles these systems perfectly. The software comprises well-developed features and excellent service which makes the software reliable to use. There will be no space for penetrating the system as the security is pretty strong for Bigpond email. Users can sit back and enjoy the Bigpond email service. One of the main reasons for Telstra to launch the email service was to provide a better atmosphere for web users and get the best out of it. There is no such case where users have reported a major issue and have regretted choosing Bigpond email. For more information on the Bigpond, the email service user can connect with Technical Support.

One of the most required things while using an email service is that the system has various options for sending emails. Bigpond has looked over such necessary parts where new features can be added for users. Well, Bigpond does have several other systems where email can be used with many features such as adding a signature on the sent email. We as a user can send an automatic response after receiving every email. In creating a group in which email can be used to be sent to multiple users, users can easily forward the same email to multiple users at the same time. There are loads of these features which may look simple but are very effective while operating email service. Some of the features may be new to users, it may be hard to take in all at once, looking at the scenario Bigpond has initiated Customer Support where users can connect to collect necessary information about Bigpond email.

We all know the basic procedure of how to get started with the Bigpond email service, it starts with creating an account. If the user is looking to get started with Bigpond then it is very necessary to create an account. After that, with the help of login credentials users will be able to access their email accounts. That is the basic part that all of us are aware of, now we would like to discuss a feature in which users can add another Bigpond email to the existing account. That is a cool feature from which we can access multiple email accounts. Check out the given steps to make changes.

Adding a new or existing service to the Bigpond email

  • Click on Add an account.
  • The next user will have to fill in the detail and click Continue.
  • The user must then enter the cell number and then a code will be sent.
  • Enter the code once received and wait until it gets verified.

Once the process gets completed users’ accounts will be added. If there were any issues or confusion regarding the points then kindly reach out to us at Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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