Bigpond Email Error Code-550

Bigpond email is a very well-known and leading email client software that is operated by users all around the world. The company that actually handles the service is Telstra which is a telecommunication company located in Australia. With Bigpond, the email service user will be provided with numerous communication-related features and systems which will help users to experience Bigpond email better. Users may have heard about Bigpond on the web describing its new features and offers. Well if users have not heard that that’s not an issue because we will be proving all the necessary information about the email client software. As we mentioned the software has many new features and a system that makes the email software genuine. Bigpond is an email software that can be used by a single user as well as for business purposes. Both the option are available for users, for single-user there are not much of changes that are required to be made but the user who will operate POP and IMAP servers will have to learn about the changes that require to be made on their account. If users are not aware of what IMAP and POP are then connect with Support Service to learn all the necessary information.

After getting the basic introduction about Bigpond email on how it is the best email client software for us, now it is time to learn in detail about what the IMAP and POP servers are. It may sound confusing or the term may look hard to understand but none of that presumption is correct. Well basically IMAP and POP are the two provided methods for accessing your email. Now if the user wants to check on the preferred email from several other devices then IMAP is used. And POP functions in a way where the system contacts the email service and also manages the download from it. Once a user downloads the email on the account, then the downloaded ones will be removed from the email service. The user must keep in mind after the email is downloaded, the next time the user wants to access the email then only that particular computer will have the email. This information could surely be confusing. Don’t worry if the user wants to learn in detail then connect with Customer Care Number.

After going through what is IMAP and POP, now we will be checking on an error code-550 which is associated with the Bigpond email. For the following error, we have prepared the proper steps to resolve it.

Configuration for POP

  • Change the account type to POP3.
  • Then set the incoming server port to 995, and the incoming server address should be set to
  • Change the server port to SSL and change the outgoing server address to

Configuration for IMAP

  • Set the account type to IMAP
  • Set the port as 993, and the incoming server address to
  • Change encrypted connection to SSL and the outgoing server port to 465 or 587.

After making changes the error code will be resolved. For more on Bigpond users can take support from Bigpond Technical Support.

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