Imap Bigpond server asking Password again and again

Bigpond is one of the fastest-growing telecommunication company which was founded in Australia. The company is well known for providing the fastest email service where it also provides service for broadband connection. Everyone wants a super-fast interconnection and Telstra makes it happen. The service offered by Telstra or Bigpond is for residential as well commercial users. Nowadays smart devices have taken over the market and every user wants their app to run on their smart devices. Bigpond offers users with IMAP accessing feature by which users can operate the service on their smart devices along with their computer. As we have mentioned it has the best service with efficient and reliable service. Users can be completely safe when it comes to privacy, all of the information is kept one hundred percent safe. For users who are looking for detailed information on Bigpond can collect the data from our Customer Support.

Bigpond mail users can setup their email service using the Setup and troubleshooting tool which is available on Bigpond’s official website. After users have access to the tools, every other kind of adjustment can be done by the users. Users can setup email service, accessing the service remotely, send/receiving mails. Or user also has the option for manual setup. Forgoing manually users will have to be aware of the server name and their respective port numbers. If users are interested in learning more about IMAP and POP ports configuring manually with Bigpond mail then give us a ring at Support Service Number.

For users who have configured their Bigpond manually, there might be some issues with the functionality. Issues are a common part of using the software. One of our users has reported that the IMAP Bigpond server is frequently asking passwords to users even after entering twice. If other users are facing the same issues can contact Bigpond Customer Care.

Symptoms found

IMAP password asked frequently. These case arises at times when restarting the service or even at starting. Due to this reason, users can login to their accounts.

How to solve the issue?

The entered username must have the name of the domain added to, Username: Most of the users simply write their username due to which the problem might have occurred. In the earlier version, it was not mandatory to make such changes due to which the user might not have noticed it. Next, make changes in the IMAP Settings.

Incoming Server

The server address should be, the server port should be set to 993 and the Encrypted connection should be SSL.

Outgoing Server

The server address should be, set the outgoing server port to 465 or 587, make sure to turn ON the SMTP authentication and encrypted connection should be SSL/TLS and set it to port 465/STARTTLS to port 587.

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