Bigpind Password Rest Not Found Url Server Error

Bigpond or Telstra mail is a telecommunication based company which offers broadband and email service to the user. The basic motto of the organization is to provide the user with the best and reliable service. Talking about email service users are featured with IMAP accessing, for those who are not aware of what IMAP accessing is, it is the feature where users are able to operate the email services on their smart devices as well as on their computer. These days usage of smartphone is increasing in a daily basis and the user wants to use their application on their mobile devices. Telstra has the best features embedded in the system which are all working accurately, there will be no difficulty in using the Bigpond service. If there is any confusion or questions for Telstra mail feel free to connect with Customer Support.

These services are just featured for users because using email services can sometimes give users a hard time. There has been an issue reported where the Bigpond password reset was not found on the URL server. There was an error due to which the process was complete. The following issues here can be seen due to SMTP server errors. The error has occurred in the setup of the user’s account which is for the outgoing mail server. If the username, password, server address, or authentication is not entered correctly, in such cases the error might appear. Learn more on SMTP Servers with our Support Service Number.

We Suggest users on checking on their SMTP server settings. The steps and changes are given in the points mentioned below.

  • First, go ahead and open the email client service in the user system.
  • Then look for Accounts which will be available on the Tools menu.
  • In the list look for the user’s email account and click on the Properties button.
  • Open General Tab.
  • In the General tab,the user will have to check if the entered email address is valid or not.
  • Next head to the Servers tab.
  • User will have to check if the account name and password is entered correctly or not for users account.
  • In the checkbox, uncheck on option, Log on using Secure Password Authentication.
  • Users have the option to check or uncheck on, My Server required authentication. In the case where the user requires authentication. Click on the Settings button then click on Login Info. Select the option as specified.

-Either user can have the same settings for incoming mail server or

-Login in using the specified Account name.

  • In the Outbox folder delete all the messages and send back the email again.

After completing the steps the server error will be solved and the user can start using Telstra services again. If there is any confusion or problem regarding the steps then kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support. Our experts will explain the process in detail.

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