How to setup Telstra ( email in Outlook

Bigpond or Telstra email is one of the rapidly growing email service providerslocatedin Australia. The services provided by the company are considered as one of the best as compared with other competitors as the services as well as features are very reliable. The security system of Bigpond mail is so very secure that no one can breach through so that the information of the customers can be kept safe and secure. The Telstra Company initialed the idea of providing email servers as Bigpond email for internet users. As there are no major issues reported till now, there are some issues raised by users. One of them is about setting Bigpond email on Microsoft Outlook. To resolve this issue, you can follow the discussion below. Users also have the option to let all the work done by the experts, to do so head to the Technical Support Service.

Firstly, open your computer and open Microsoft Outlook. After opening the outlook, click on the info tab on the top and click on account settings. Click on the new option for creating a new email setup configuration. Select the Manual setup or additional server type option and then click on next. Click on IMAP and follow the instructions as mentioned. The user information field must be set by entering your Telstra username and Telstra email address. And for Log on information field, enter the email address as well as password. If users require support for resetting password, connect with Technical Service. On secure password, authentication clicks on the check box to untick the option. Now you need to update the information manually as mentioned. The account type must be IMAP and the incoming mailing server IMAP must be and then the outgoing mail server SMTP must be And then the mail to keep offline must be set as user-defined which is generally set by default. After the completion of these steps, click on more settings. Now on the outgoing server tab, click on the tick mark on the check box with outgoing server SMTP requires authentication. The use same settings as the incoming mail server must be selected. Click on the advanced option and set the incoming server port IMAP as 993 and set an encrypted connection as SSL. And then set outgoing server SMTP as 465 and choose SSL on the user the following type of encrypted connection option on the drop-down menu. Now select ok and click on the Next button. Now Microsoft outlook will be verifying your email configuration and once it is completed you are done with configuration and click on the close button and then the finish button for adding the Telstra email address on Microsoft Outlook.

These are the detailed guidelines for that user who want to resolve the issue related to setting up Telstra ( email in outlook. By following these steps, there should not be any more issues raised, if there is then kindly contact the Telstra Technical Support Number.

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