Bigpond Email not working due to Internet Outage

Users may have heard about Bigpond mail, the service has significantly grown its users all over the web. Now Bigpond is known as the biggest service provider for email service. Everything we look at in an email service is available at the Bigpond webmail. The service is offered to everybody and can be used for free. Get started right away by creating a new email account for Bigpond mail. Users will never feel that using email service could be so easy as designed by the Bigpond. Bigpond is also known for its broadband connection service. The service is operated for single users to the corporate level. To get started with a broadband connection for your space, connect with Customer Support to get every necessary detail.

Coming to Bigpond mail, we do know that the client is used for sending email but other services are also attached with the service. Bigpond allows users to connect their other email account to Bigpond mail. Configuring multiple accounts to a common client is possible. It always best to work smart rather than going hard. Bigpond allows users to attach images and videos in their email, there was no such function in email in the earlier version. If the user wants to learn more about what Bigpond supports and the way to operate such features, Technical Support will assist users with the necessary steps.

The Bigpond service has been very punctual in providing quality service where there are no such major issues reported by users. But minor cases have been reported by users. These minor issues are cases where the problem can be fixed with some easy steps. There was a case where the Bigpond mail service was not working due to an internet outage.

Check the information given below in points to verify if the problem is caused due to mentioned points.

  • If the broadband connection is not functioning correctly, such an outage has occurred.
  • If there is any sort of unpredicted outage on users Telstra network which is around the user’s area. Users will have to contact Customer Care.
  • In another case, the problem here could be experienced due to some maintenance running in the neighborhood.
  • Users can check the outage details by visiting the Telstra webpage and opening Telstra Outages.
  • If there are any left credits on the user’s account, due to the reason the service could be been disrupted.
  • If the service is not updated to the latest version, the latest functionality will not be present.

If users cannot find any sort of reason for their service to cause issues, there is a tool called Smart Troubleshooting Tool. Users can use the tool to locate the error and fix it. Telstra offers our valued customer with best Bigpond Technical Support, where users can take necessary support for free from the experts.

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