How to Setup Bigpond Emails in Windows Mail?

Email account is elemental for any type of communication ranging from professional to personal. There are so many different service providers today when you are looking for email services. This is primarily because despite of being a classic and age-old mode of communication, email still holds a notable place. Almost all types of online account require a functional email id to begin with. Moreover, professionals and corporate workers have several job roles which require higher online security and functionality of the email. This leads to making of several email services like bigpond which is reckoned as one of the best email service provider available today. With numerous features and functions on the accounts and high quality security and customer service solutions, the email address is one of the best that you can rely on.

To setup the bigpond emails on the windows mail, you have to follow the steps shared below:

  • The first and foremost thing that should be done is sign up for the bigpond email service. Choose the service according to the requirements you have. You can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription later depending on your changing requirements and accordingly the features will change too.
  • Once you sign up and login into the bigpond email account, you will have to change the settings according to your requirement. You will get a prompting regarding importing your contacts from other accounts you have. This means, the account have to be synced with the windows mail and from there you can get the contacts.
  • Opt for syncing the windows mail with the bigpond account. This will help you access the contacts as well as the emails you receive on the other account.
  • Make sure the internet does not get disrupted while you are syncing your bigpond email with windows mail. To ensure a smooth transition between the accounts, this step is very crucial.
  • Go to the settings menu and make the changes according to your requirement so that the mail functions smoothly.
  • In case there is any kind of trouble while you are setting up the bigpond account, you can always manage the issue with the help of the bigpond customer care number on the go.

There are several different issues that users may face while they are trying to setup the bigpond account. This include, trouble while signing into the email account, issues with syncing the account with your windows mail etc. you have to recognise the problem first so that you can get the solution accordingly. Usually these issues arises due to network error and once you have managed network trouble, the issue will also be solved. In case you are new to the interface, you can also call the Bigpond Customer Care Number which is available round the clock. The number is the one stop solution for users across the globe and they are available round the clock to solve any issues you have. Rest assured, that these troubles will be solved on the go in mere minutes.

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