Bigpond Email Forwarding Not Working

Emails are regarded as excellent mediums for formal and casual communication. People use the emails for business reasons. Many people use the emails to send messages to friends or family members. When you are using an email account, you must know various features and options. In today’s time, email is a frequently used tool. There is hardly any person who does not have an email address. So, all of us understand different features of the email services. The problem occurs when technical glitches are encountered. You may find various technical glitches. Here, in this article, the technical issue regarding forwarding an email has been discussed.

Problem with Email Forwarding

Forwarding email is an option that lets you to send an exactly replica of the email that you have received from somebody. It saves time for you, as you do not have to compose the email to send to a person. Nevertheless, you can send the exact replica of the email to someone. When you try to compose, there could be some unintentional modifications and they can lead to confusion.

Forwarding emails is also a great way to keep backup of important emails. Whenever you receive an important email, you can forward it to your secondary email account. This will help you to create a backup of an email.

Though rarely happens, email forwarding error has been encountered by many people. It may not happen frequently. When it occurs, you need to follow a few steps to resolve the issue. In the following section, the solutions are discussed.

Cause 1: Internet Connection Error

Due to internet connection error, people face issue in forwarding an email. To diagnose an internet connection error, you can do the following things:

  • Check whether other websites are working or not.
  • Check your modem and search for the error signals.
  • Firewall setting should be checked, and it has to be turned off.
  • Find whether internet connection is active on your computer or not.

Solution: In case of internet connection errors, you need to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Cause 2: Email Server Down

Due to server maintenance, you may find that email is not getting forwarded. Not just email forwarding error, you shall find problem in refreshing, sending and receiving emails when server is down.

Solution: Wait for some time so that server maintenance gets completed. Once it is done, you shall be able to access your email again. There would not be any issues with email forwarding.

Cause 3: Account Is Blocked

When you use a bot for handling your emails, you may find that your account has been blocked by the email service. It happens as you are recognized as potential spammer. So, you should use an email account manually. If you indulge in spamming, you shall be blocked from forwarding and sending emails to others.

Solution: If you have been blocked by the email service, you need to contact Bigpond Customer Support Number them for explanation. You need to negotiate the matter with your email service provider to use your email account again.

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