How to Protect Bigpond Accounts from Hacking?

Australia’s Bigpond email service has a significant user base and is a well-known email service provider there. Bigpond accounts are vulnerable to hacker attempts just like any other email account. The damage that a compromised email account can do to your personal and professional lives is significant. Thus, it’s imperative to take the required security measures to guard against hackers accessing your Bigpond account. Learn more on Bigpond email with the help of the Customer Support Number.

But there sure are measures by which the account can be kept safe. We have provided some of the best tips for the user to secure their email account from hackers. Kindly check on the points given below.

  • Using a strong password is the first and most important step in protecting your BigPond account. The minimum length for a secure password is eight characters, and it should include a combination of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. Useless passwords like your name, birthday, or basic words should be avoided.
  • Your BigPond account has an additional degree of security thanks to two-factor authentication (2FA). Before logging in, you must input a code that was provided to your cell phone or another device. For your BigPond account, enable 2FA to stop unwanted access.
  • If you utilize unsecured public Wi-Fi to get onto your BigPond account, it could be hacked. Your data may be intercepted, and your login information may be taken by hackers. Consequently, refrain from accessing your BigPond account via a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure the web browsers and operating systems on your machine are up to date. Upgrades frequently include security updates that can close holes that hackers could use to access your account.
  • Phishing emails are frequently used by hackers to deceive people into disclosing their login information. Phishing emails are made to appear to be genuine correspondence from a reliable source, like BigPond. Emails requesting your login credentials or personal information should be avoided.
  • Any time you access your BigPond account, make sure the connection is encrypted (HTTPS). To prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your login information, secure connections encrypt the data exchanged between your machine and the server.
  • To keep malware and viruses off your computer, use a reputable antivirus product. It will assist in preventing malware from being used by hackers to access your BigPond account.

With the given points user can easily prevent their account from getting hacked. For more information on the Bigpond email service, user can contact to Bigpond Customer Care Number at any time user prefers.

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