Outlook 365 Rejecting my Bigpond Username and Password

Bigpond Webmail is a well-liked email tool that is used by millions of people worldwide. Users can manage their contacts, calendars, and emails from a single interface. Users of Outlook 365 do, unfortunately, occasionally have problems. This is a usual error when Outlook 365 rejects the Bigpond login and password. We’ll discuss a few solutions to the issue where Office 365 rejects the Bigpond username and password in this article. If users are not aware of such information about the email client then kindly reach out to Support Service Number.

Before moving on to the alternatives, let’s first define Bigpond email. A provider of email services operated by Telstra is Bigpond Email in Australia. There are millions of Australians that utilize this well-known email service provider. In Office 365, users can manage their email accounts by setting them up to work with Bigpond email. If users are not aware of the process to make changes then connect with Customer Care.

Now let’s check on some solutions which will help to resolve the issue in Outlook 365 which are rejecting Bigpond username and password.

  • Double-checking your username and password is the first thing you should do if Office 365 rejects your Bigpond username and password. Please double-check your username and password entries. By visiting the Telstra website and following the instructions, you can reset your password if you’ve lost it.
  • Bigpond email may not function properly if you are using an earlier version of Office 365. Verify that Outlook 365 is running at the most recent version. Microsoft updates Outlook 365 frequently to address bugs and other problems. The problem with Outlook 365 rejecting the Bigpond login and password may be fixed by updating Outlook 365 to the most recent version.
  • Make sure Outlook 365 is set up properly for your Bigpond email account. Verify the login, password, and settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. You can experience issues with Outlook 365 if any of the settings are off. By selecting the File menu > Account Settings > Account Settings, you may view the settings.
  • Microsoft Outlook 365 issues could occur if you recently changed the password for your Bigpond email account. Update the password in your Office 365 account settings and change the password on your email account. This might fix the problem when the Bigpond account and password are rejected by Office 365.
  • Outlook 365 issues could arise if two-step verification is activated for your Bigpond email account. Disable two-step verification momentarily, then see if the problem has been fixed. You might need to configure two-step verification if the problem is fixed after turning off two-step verification for Office 365 to work properly.

After applying the given steps user will be able to solve the problem where Outlook 365 is rejecting Bigpond email’s username and password. For further support, the user can connect with Bigpond Technical Support Service.

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